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Associate Professor
Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Initiatives) of Science and Environmental Studies

Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry, with a focus on semiconducting materials

Contact Information
Office Phone: 807-343-8327
Lab Phone: 807-343-8009
FAX 807-346-7775
E-mail: craig.mackinnon@lakeheadu.ca
Postal: Department of Chemistry
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road,
Thunder Bay  ON  P7B 5E1

Canadian Society of Chemistry, American Chemical Society

Member at large (Undergraduate Curriculum), Division of Inorganic Chemistry, CSC



Research Summary

We are looking at a number of compounds called oligomers for the purpose of finding new semiconducting materials.  Oligomers are short-chain polymers, in our case they contain less than 10 monomer units.  Our research can be subdivided into a number of projects:

For more information, see my Research Program!
Group picture from Christmas dinner 2013
Some recent group members, picture from December 2013
l to r: Jennifer Steers, Michael Beh, Kaitlyn Kelly, CDM, Melissa Quance, Christine Boissy

Recent Publications

15.  D.N. D’Aleo, S.R. Allard, S.L.M. Parent, D.J. Rohr, C. Gottardo, and C.D. MacKinnon, “Green Halogenation of Aromatic Heterocycles Using Ammonium Halide and Hydrogen Peroxide in Acetic Acid Solvent,” Can. J. Chem. 2013, 91, 679-683.

14.  W.M. Sears, C.D. MacKinnon, and T.M. Kraft, "The effect of chain length on the dielectric and optical properties of oligothiophenes," Synth. Met. 2011, 161, 1566-1574.

13.  W.A. Sears, C.D. MacKinnon, R.C. Mawhinney, L.C. Sinnemaki, M.J. Johnson, A.J. Winter, and C.M. Robertson, "Using the Nitro Group to Induce  π-Stacking in Terthiophenes," Can. J. Chem. 2010, 88, 309-317.

12.  I.S. Morgan, D.N. D’Aleo, M.L. Hudolin, A. Chen, A. Assoud, H.A. Jenkins and C.D. MacKinnon, "Oligothiophenes substituted with the thionitrile group: synthesis, characterization, and thin-film formation on gold substrates," J. Mater. Chem. 2009, 19, 8162-8168.

11.  C.D. MacKinnon, S.L.M. Parent, R.C. Mawhinney, A. Assoud, and C.M. Robertson, "5,5'-Dicyano-2,2'-bithiophene and 3,3'-dicyanobiphenyl: off-axis rod-like ligands for silver(I)," CrystEngComm 2009, 11, 160-167.

10.  W.A. Sears, W.M. Sears, C.D. MacKinnon, "The Effect of End-Group Substitution on the Electrical Conductivity of Mesoporous Terthiophenes," Synth. Met. 2008, 158, 50-58.

9. W.A. Sears, M.L. Hudolin, H.A. Jenkins, R.C. Mawhinney, C.D. MacKinnon, "Crystallization of Ligand vs. Complexation: the Nitrile-Silver(I) Interaction using Dicyanobithiophene as Ligand," J. Coord. Chem. 2008, 61, 825-835.

For a list of all papers and conference presentations, click here!


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